They are other faucets or sites that we think you can also use. These sites do not require investments and are currently paying, if any changes are encountered on the terms of use that will make using them detrimental to our users, we will remove them once spotted. Some of them are:

1. Tronpick

2. Litepick

3. Coinpayu

4. Solpick

5. Larvel Faucet

6. Bnbpick

7. Viefaucet

8. Dogepick

9. Crypto Earns

10. Faucet Crypto


These site do have their own respective builds which are different from this site but they are all unique in their own way. They do require logging in and reaching a withdrawal minimum, but be rest assured that once you reach them, you will be paid, and some of them offer very low payment minimum that can be attained on a daily basis. When we stated that they do not require investment, we meant they were not compulsory, some of them offer gambling, betting or running ads of your own which are all legit but if done without restraint can lead to complications.

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